The Online Project

The Online Project

With our new site finally live we can let you know what exciting plans are underfoot here at Exam Magic. First here's what's new with the site:


We've now made relevant course material available for download in our downloads area. If you can see the downloads menu don't worry, you just need to spend a minute or two becoming a member of the site. It's free and will give you access to some really useful stuff like our Audio Patches®. If you have problems with logging in you can send us an email by clicking here.


Our news area will have some great interviews with celebrities and sports stars, plus students sharing their experiences of the Exam Magic course and exams. To visit the news area click here


To help you remember the things you need to do each week in order to get the grades you want you can sign up to our reminder newsletter. We'll send you links to articles you should be reading and other helpful advice. To start getting reminders fill in the form on the homepage.

And here's the new stuff

Well that all the stuff the website can currently offer. What about all the new stuff that's coming soon?

Lesson STEPs

In the next few weeks we'll introduce you to the Exam Magic Lesson STEPs. The easiest way to learn how to: 

  • Be less stressed
  • Be more organised
  • Get motivated
  • Get better grades
These lessons will take you STEP by STEP through Stories, Techniques and Exercise that will change your Perspective on Stress, Motivation, Organisation and how you think about your success in you exams. 


We'll be introducing quizzes so you can see how you're doing with each of the STEPs lessons. And we may even introduce a leaderboard so you can see how you and your friends are doing.

That's it for now. We hope you enjoy the site. Please send us a message and let us know what you think. 

Written by Scott on Wednesday, 02 May 2012. Posted in News & Interviews

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