Q&A with Michael Rimmer (part 2)

Q&A with Michael Rimmer (800m/ European Silver Medallist)

Q&A with Michael Rimmer (part 2)

What role does persistence play in your training?

It’s everything. The odds of winning every race is slim, you are always going to have failure so you are always dealing with persistence. I go into every race with huge persistence. No matter what, I always commit. Plus I know for all the training I do I have a limited number of chances to give it my all so my persistence comes from this too.

How do you deal with nerves and anxiety going into a race?

Again my subconscious might kick in not long before a race trying to make excuses for me. But I know I have already dealt with all the negative emotions logically and realistically in advance and if I am entertaining negative thoughts the only reason they might be real is because I haven’t delivered on short term goals. Otherwise, you have to draw from the evidence you have built and focus on the positives.

Nerves can also be good though. It increases my adrenalin and I try and channel them positively. You are nervous because you care which is positive.

Are you organised?

It’s not a strong point and I can be absent minded at times! So again it comes back to my short term and daily goals. The reminder of remembering all the different areas and changing my mindset to think more about simple preparation. If you are falling down on something, you soon get sick of the concequences. I have a full schedule of my day to keep me in line and easily follow a pattern and I regularly readdress this. It soon sinks in.

I have always hated the idea of being a bit anal but since putting it all in place I have seen a difference and I feel calmer and less stressed so it’s a knock on affect. If you miss one daily goal, it may effect another so organisation and preparation is paramount, no matter how simple.

In your opinion what role does the subconscious mind play in achieving?

It’s probably the most important thing. It’s about controlling it and applying logic and in advance doing everything you possibly can so when it comes down to it, you can overcome it and back it up with the positive truths you have as evidence from your daily achievements.

We'd like to thank Amy at The Wells Sports Foundation for making this interview happen. You can find out about them here


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