The day you stop learning is the day you stop Living

Q and A with Melvin Odoom

The day you stop learning is the day you stop Living

1. Do you set goals, if so how do you do it?

Yes, for us especially in this industry our goal is to entertain and educate our listeners. Preparation is really important. on my way to work I do the preparation from my home to the studio. Day to day I have a section on my phone where I put anything funny happening. Things might just turn up and weʼll work with that, but we set goals for the show structure.

My sister uses something called a vision board. Thatʼs what I use in life. In radio itʼs important to paint pictures. A year ago I had a certain house, level in terms of my career on radio and tv, the quality of the kind of relationship I want, (Iʼm still working on that one!). I had all of those pictures on there. Everyday I look at that vision board.

2. What Role Does Belief Play In Your Life?

The important thing is to believe - even I do it, you think of something you want but then you think itʼs hard to achieve, but as long as you strive for something you get somewhere. Sometimes you end up with something else, but thatʼs positive.

My cousin is smart but doesnʼt have any goals so heʼs not moving forward. You donʼt have to be so set on one thing but you do need an idea of where you want to go. I told my mum I wanted to be a presenter, she said I should get a proper job, but I kept it in my mind. I taught in school for a while, but now I got the presenter job. I just kept my mind focused on it. As long as you do what you do well and work hard youʼll get there.

It might not always turn out the way you think it will. I went for a job on One Extra, and there were lots of other DJʼs going for it too and I didnʼt get it, but I got Kiss and thatʼs worked out even better for me, but at the time I was really disappointed.

How Important Is Persistence To You?

Persistence is one of the most important things. Itʼs all about being persistent and proving your worth. Itʼs not about bugging people - prove your worth and people will get it.

Itʼs all about experience. The more you do the more you learn. Iʼve never walked into the studio and thought I knew everything about radio.

I heard this great quote:

“The day you stop learning is the day you stop Living.”

Learn your craft- sharpen your skills. We havenʼt stopped learning now, weʼre always working sharpening our skills. So

A- Work at what you want

B- Hone your skill and keep learning and get experience

3. How Do You Deal With Failure?

I hate failure but itʼs sometimes the only way you learn.

You are going to fail in life - you have to be prepared to hear the word no.

I had my own show and it was funny and it had great celebrities on it and got filmed as a pilot for MTV and the bosses at MTV wouldnʼt take it. It was a BIG FAT NO! At the time I was devastated and no-one wanted to use it. But now we have a bigger show on a bigger channel with bigger celebrities.

At school I got some Aʼs and Bʼs but mostly Cʼs and I couldnʼt get into the university I wanted, but at university I got a 2:1 in radio and performing arts and now Iʼm doing the job I studied for.

My A levels were even worse, if I gave up then I wouldnʼt have gone to university and I wouldnʼt have met Rickie and be on Kiss and then MTV.

We kept going, we didnʼt have a lot of money. I could just about make the payments on my car and I was living at my mumʼs house. We just thought - this is all we can do- we just kept on going, we never stopped and weʼve still got things to do now - plenty!

4. Do You Ever Get Nervous? How Do You Deal With It?

Iʼm weird because we host the Wireless festival in front of thousands of people and we introduce big stars like Dizzee Rascal on stage and Iʼm not nervous at all, because I know the people Iʼm working with and Iʼm comfortable in that situation.

I get nervous doing corporate things and sometimes feel Iʼm talking about and dealing with things I donʼt know about. A definition of nerves I really like is that itʼs:

“worrying about what hasnʼt happened”

I feel ten times better when Iʼm prepared. Preparation is the key.

5. What role do you think the subconscious mind plays in achieving?

The way your mind works is so important. Mind over matter for me was running the London Marathon.

Rickie is a lot fitter and healthier than I am and he loves sport and understands it. Someone came into our studio and asked us to run the London Marathon and to represent prostrate cancer. My godfather died of prostrate cancer so to me it was a good cause.

I saw running as having enough petrol for your legs but Rickie, in his head, felt like he couldnʼt do it and he dropped out because his mind was split.

My mind was clear and focused and I made sure that I trained and I also carried the Olympic Torch for my area which was a big thing for me.

6. What Advice Do You Have For Kids Facing Exams?

Do your revision in chunks prior to when exams come. Cramming doesnʼt work. Revise with people who can help you. I was really struggling with maths and couldnʼt get it into my head. The best thing for me was a revision group my teacher ran for us. The group discussion helped me work out how to answer problems I couldnʼt do on my own. Sometimes two heads are better than one.

Work with someone you trust.

Melvin hosts the Kiss FM breakfast show with Rickie and Charlie

Rickie and Melvin can be seen presenting MTV Digs on MTV One and as panel hosts for BBC 3ʼs Sweat The Small Stuff.

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