Put your goals where you can see them

Put your goals where you can see them

When you write down a goal you increase your chances of reaching it dramatically. Some estimates say you are 80% more likely to reach a goal you've written than one you simply attempt to keep in your mind. 

Writing it down is the first stage of the goal moving from an idea in your mind to being an actual reality. If you are reading this and haven't a clue what we mean then you'll need to click on the links below and all will be made clear.

Putting your goals on the wall where you'll see them everyday keeps the goals fresh in your mind. It reminds you to keep up with the action steps to get you there.

All you really need to do to use the Exam Magic system is:

  1. Learn how to set goals for your exam grades, go ahead and set them and then put your written goals up someplace you'll see them everyday. 
  2. Listen to the Audio Patch at least once a day 
  3. Use The List & Persist Method to get organised.

Everything else is a bonus. So get started. Try the Audio Patch for yourself now. It's free. Click here to Download it.

Written by Mike on Saturday, 05 May 2012. Posted in Lessons

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