Get organised

Get organised

Getting Organised Doesn't Have to be a Big Deal!

If you do five or six things everyday that each take you one step closer to your goal of getting great exam grades then look how that effort adds up over time.

In a week you'll take between 35 to 42 action steps. In a month between 155 and 186 action steps. In three months between 465 and 558 action steps closer to your goal.

Compare that to doing nothing! What if you started getting organised at the start of year 10? How many action steps would you take between the beginning of your GCSE's and your final exams in June? You'd be between 10,200 and 12,276 steps further on than when you started! If one step is roughly half a metre then you'd be about 5 or 6km ahead of someone who stood still and did nothing!

These numbers don't take into account holidays and days off, but they do paint a picture. When you look at it you can see why kids who get organised earlier and persistently get stuck into the work do better in exams than kids who leave it all till the last minute.

So how do you get organised? If you knew how to do it in a way that worked for you you'd be doing it by now wouldn't you? There is an easy way to get organised. We call it the List & Persist Method.

The List & Persist Method

Keep a notebook or a page a day diary by your bed. Every night before you fall asleep write down 5 or 6 things that you will do the next day to take you closer to your goal of getting good grades. Do this before you fall asleep and you'll be turning the list over to your mind. It will use the time you spend sleeping to work out the best ways for you to complete all the tasks on your list.

When you wake up take a quick glance at your list and get on with your day and do each thing as soon as you can. Concentrate on each list item one at a time. Give each item your full attention and when it's done tick it off your list. If you don't get something done then place an arrow next to it as a reminder to put it on tomorrow's list. That way important things get done eventually and nothing gets left behind.

What Goes On Your List? 

There will be some regular items that show up again and again on your list. One is to listen to your Audio Patch. When you are learning this method another daily item will be to write your list for the next day. That leaves only three or four items for you to decide on that will help you get the results you want. When you are using the audio patch your mind starts to give you ideas about what needs to go on your list. It will include things like revising certain subjects and preparing coursework.

Break your list items down in to small manageable steps that you feel you can take. For instance if you decide you should write a media studies essay but you find you keep procrastinating and not doing it then give yourself an action step to write just one page of it. Or maybe to read a relevant chapter on it or even to spend ten minutes working on it. Remember starting early gives you a massive advantage. Your action steps can be small when you start early but because you take a lot of them they all add up to a lot of progress.

What if you haven't got much time because you've left it to the last minute? Well in this case the best thing is to start now. It's better to take ten small steps than none at all. Each step brings you closer to the grades you desire. No matter how close your exams are do something! Take action. Actions cause results. Organise your action using the List & Persist Method and make it a habit to do so. How do you make a new habit? Repetition and willpower are important to begin with. It takes roughly three weeks to form a new habit and another three to make it stick. Once it becomes a habit you'll do it automatically. Imagine if you automatically do the stuff that gets you the grades you really desire to have, how much easier passing exams will be!

Get Started Now!

Start now using the List & Persist Method. Use the back of an old envelop if you have to, but write your list. You can get a journal or a diary later. The key is to take action, step by step and gain an advantage for yourself in your exams. It doesn't really matter how close or far away you are from exam time. You can improve on any situation by starting now.

Written by Mike on Friday, 04 May 2012. Posted in Lessons

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