The Exam Magic® team

The people that make Exam Magic® happen are:

Mike Warwick

Mike is the creator of Exam Magic. When a group of students asked for his help Mike, a Life Coach and a Drama Teacher, made a decision to find a way to help just about any student get better grades and to be happier and more relaxed while they do it. Students liked it so much Mike was asked to teach Exam Magic to more students in other schools, colleges and universities and so that's how it all came about.

Scott Robinson

Scott also runs Exam Magic. As our creative communications and design guy, Scott's desire is to make sure Exam Magic is as accessible, as easy to understand, and as valuable to as many students as it possibly can be. Without him Exam Magic would still consist of a few photocopied sheets handed out at Mike's workshops.

Dr Nick Troop

Dr Troop is a Chartered Health Psychologist. He was there right from the very beginning. Mike and Nick meet every Friday night to share cakes and discuss the latest academic developments and the most recent scientific research into human psychology. Dr Nick crunches the numbers that let us know how we're doing with our courses.

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